Pacific Bell/AT&T Calling Cards

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Does AT&T/Pacific Bell Offer a Calling Card?

Pacific Bell/AT&T Calling Cards

Picture this scenario: you have just had a flat tire, your cell phone is dead and you have no change for a pay phone. When it seems that all is lost, you reach into your wallet and discover that you had the foresight to purchase an AT&T phone card. Now, you can call the office to tell them why you aren't in and call for help changing your tire.

AT&T phone cards come in handy for travelers, emergencies and also for making long distance calls if you don't want to pay a monthly rate to a service provider.

Cards can be purchased from your local Sam's Club or Wal-mart with the following features:

  • PIN-less dialing for up to five stored numbers
  • Lost card protection
  • Speed dial for up to 10 numbers



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