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What Bundled Service Packages Do Verizon Offer?

Verizon Services Bundled Packages

Because Verizon has a variety of communications services available to their customers, it also offers four services that can be bundled for the convenience of one bill and savings.

The Verizon Double Freedom plan includes Verizon's Freedom Essentials home phone service, plus your choice of either broadband Internet, DIRECTV, or wireless service. The exact rate varies by state.

The Verizon Triple Freedom plan also includes the Freedom Essentials home phone service, but includes your choice of two of the above services. Add in one more service and you have the Verizon Ultimate Freedom package.

What is the Verizon One Phone?

The Verizon One Phone

For a gadget junky, Verizon One is a must-have.

This all-in-one communications portal contains a portable phone, a high speed DSL modem for Internet connectivity, a 4-port wired router for connecting to your computers, a wireless access point and router and a full color touch screen LCD display big enough to display notes and surf the web from.

You can dial calls directly from a Verizon phonebook accessible from your screen, look at the local weather or sports scores, manage voicemails and leave colorful notes for your family on the freestyle notepad.

This is a great idea for a "mission control" center for the home.

The screen saver is fully customizable, and can be used to show rotating family pictures.

What Nationwide Home Phone Service Packages Do Verizon Offer?

Verizon Home Phone Service Packages With Nationwide Long Distance

Most people associate Verizon with cellular services, but did you know they also offer residential phone service plans?

Verizon offers a choice of home phone plans - the lowest cost plan is the Verizon Freedom Value Plan which offers unlimited calling within the U.S. and Puerto Rico for a fixed monthly fee. This plan offers no additional features, and is designed for those who just don't use them.

The next level plan is the Verizon Freedom Essentials Plan and offers the same unlimited service with the addition of voice mail, caller ID, and call waiting for a fixed monthly fee, which is slightly higher.

The Verizon Freedom plan adds Canada to the calling area, and three-way calling, plus speed dialing to the features package.

The most extensive plan is the Verizon Freedom Extra plan, which expands the features list up to ten additional features. Feature choices include call intercept, a feature that doesn't allow your phone to ring unless a caller records their name first, and call blocking.

A regional-only plan with three calling features is also offered for a flat fee.

Be sure to check the Verizon rates for your specific location, as rates can vary from state to state.

What is Verizon iobi Home?

Verizon iobi Home

For an additional fee per month, you can add Verizon's iobi Home service to your calling package and manage your calls and messages better.

This service provides you with a web-based console that lets you see caller IDs so you can decide whether or not to take the call, allows you to manage your voice mails and schedules call forwarding to any phone at any time.

Need to carve out a block of time for an important call? You can easily block calls from your PC as well, and unblock them when you are finished.

You should know that if you also have multiple voicemail boxes, iobi Home only works for the main voicemail box.

What Local Home Phone Service Packages Do Verizon Offer?

Verizon Local Home Phone Services

If you are looking for local only service, Verizon has a wide selection of packages to choose from.

If you are rarely home or just don't make local calls, Verizon has a low-cost local measured service plan that ranges between $10 and approximately $14 per month. It has an included $3 allowance for calls. After this allowance is used up, each call is billed at 4 cents per minute for the first minute and 1 cent per minute thereafter.

A flat rate service is also available that allows unlimited local calling within your home exchange, and exchanges within 12 miles of your location.

The Verizon Local Package and Local Package Extra both offer unlimited local calling, with three and 10 features of your choice respectively. Both packages are in the low to mid-$30 range per month.

The Verizon Local Package Lite adds Voice Mail, plus four popular features to an unlimited local calling package and the Local Package Elite includes a choice of all available features for about $40.

All prices are based on California rates, check the Verizon website to verify rates for your area.

Does Verizon Offer a VoIP Service?

The Verizon VoiceWing Broadband Phone Service

Not to be left off the VoIP bandwagon, Verizon has announced three broadband VoIP packages at competitive rates.

The best deal offered is the VoiceWing 500 plan, which gives you 500 minutes of calling anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. After you have exceeded your 500 minutes, your rate is still only 4 cents/minute.

If you regularly use more than 500 minutes, an unlimited plan called the VoiceWing Unlimited package is available for another price.

Multi-line service can be useful if you run a business out of your home or have roommates. A two-line service, called the VoiceWing Multi-Line, is available.

All VoiceWing plans include the following features:

E911 dialing
Personal Account Manager
Call Logs with Click-to-Dial
Enhanced Call Forwarding with Scheduling
Schedule Call Back
Personal Address Book (integration with MS Outlook
Internet Directory Look up
Call Waiting with Caller ID
Anonymous Call Rejection
Free In-Network Calling
Fax Capability - and many more

What is Verizon OnePoint Voice Mail?

Verizon OnePoint Voice Mail

Verizon's OnePoint Voice Mail is a voicemail product offered at an additional monthly rate.

It differs from other voicemail services because it allows you to assign different voicemail boxes for each family member - a useful service if you have teens in the house.

You can forward up to four additional phone numbers, in addition to your home phone number to your voicemail box, and can also set up voicemail alerts to your wireless device.

OnePoint also stores up to 50 messages for 30 days, so you can keep key communications stored.

What International Calling Plans Do Verizon Offer?

International Calling with Verizon

The best deal that Verizon offers for international calling is its Web Calling service offered in conjunction with Windows Messenger. Web calling requires a headset or USB phone and is prepaid in $5 increments. This is an Internet service, so some choppy calls or echos can be experienced.

For occasional international callers, Verizon offers a flat rate plan that charges a per minute price that varies by country and has only an associated 95 cent per month fee.

The International Choice Plan with city rates is an excellent choice for callers who call a specific international city most often. For a fee, you get Verizon's best city rates to 250 countries and 55 international cities and good calling card rates from anywhere in the US.

If you make a lot of calls to one country, the International Choice Plan Unlimited Country may be your best bet. This service provides unlimited calling to one country of your choice and Verizon's lowest rates to all other countries serviced.

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