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How Does Time Warner Internet Phone Voice Mail Work?

Time Warner Internet Phone Voice Mail

One of the benefits of the Time Warner Internet phone service is its enhanced voicemail offering.

With Time Warner's voicemail, you don't have to dial a PIN or access code to check your messages - simply enter your home phone number and follow the prompts.

You can access your voicemail from any touchtone phone away from home, as well.

This voicemail service also allows you to retrieve accidentally deleted messages, rewind or fast forward messages and mark messages already heard as "new." These features are not often found in residential voicemail services.

What Equipment Does Time Warner Digital Phone Service Use?

What Equipment Does Time Warner Digital Phone Service Use?

If you are a current Time Warner Internet subscriber, your modem will be swapped out for a new modem that also contains your phone connection.

No special phones are required because this modem connects into your existing phone wiring and jacks.

You will need to have a phone outlet near your Internet modem so that the modem can be connected to the phone wiring.

Time Warner provides complete installation and technical support for the modem so you have nothing to study, learn or configure.

Can I Make an International Call Over Time Warner Cable Phones?

International Calling Over Time Warner Cable Phone Service

Although the Time Warner Cable Phone service only includes unlimited dialing to the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, international calls are billed at competitive rates. Check with Time Warner customer service for current rate information..

To dial an international call, simply dial 011+ country code + city code + number, just as you would from a traditional non-digital service phone.

This service can also be used with calling cards, if you prefer.

What Digital Phone Service Does Time Warner Cable Offer?

Time Warner Cable Offers Digital Phone Service

Time Warner Cable has added digital home phone service to its offerings for about $40 a month, although the price varies slightly from region to region, for unlimited calling throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada with restrictions on what time of day you call.

This service is a digital phone service, Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), using Time Warner's private managed broadband networks instead of the public Internet. This typically means calls are clearer and not subject to congestion-related delays and echos.

Time Warner offers some of the most popular phone features along with this service, and a 611 number for technical assistance, enhanced 911 service and speed dialing. Enhanced voice mail is also available at a slight additional charge.

Is There a Wire Line Protection Plan Available?

Is There a Wire Line Protection Plan Available?

Time Warner digital phone and cable TV services currently cover all issues relating to their equipment or any outside wiring at no additional charge to you.

A service protection plan is available to cover any visible cable and/or telephone wiring service inside your home for a small fee. This means that if you have a wiring problem and call for a service technician, you will not have to pay the labor fees that would typically apply.

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