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What Bundled Deals are Offered by Embarq?

Embarq Bundled Deals

Embarq is a service provider that offers "Quad-play" technology; which means you can order your home phone service, satellite television, wireless, and broadband Internet from one provider at a substantial discount.

One promotional offer that is now available is a bundle of home phone service plus high speed Internet for $55/month. You can choose to add wireless service to this package for an additional $29.95/month, and satellite TV for an additional $34.99/month. The high speed Internet service now includes a $50 rebate as well.

The above plan includes 1.5 Mbps Internet service, but a lightning fast 3.0Mbps service is also available for the bandwidth hungry, at a slightly higher charge.

Bundles are available that include any one of the three basic home phone services plus television, either of the two classes of Internet service, and wireless.

Embarq knows that one size does not fit all when it comes to communications, and has created many options so that their customers can choose a plan that is best for their individual needs.

What Home Phone Service Plans Are Offered by Embarq?

Embarq Phone Service Plans

Embarq offers three home phone service plans for their customers; Basic Home Phone Service that includes a collection of the most popular features plus voice mail, Standard Home Phone Service which adds your choice of a phone equipment warranty, line support package, or privacy control, and Local Service Dialtone which is a low cost, very basic plan.

Long distance plans can be added to these local service plans at a significant discount, and there are measured service and weekend only plans available.

What Long Distance Plans are Offered by Embarq?

Embarq Long Distance Plans

Emabarq offers several long distance plans, both with and without monthly fees. The Standard Weekend plan is offered at no monthly fee - long distance rates are 40 cents/minute during the week, 25 cents/minute on Saturdays, and 10 cents/minute on Sundays.

If you choose to pay $4.95/month extra, Embarq provides you with a 7 cents/minute plan that is valid all the time.

Subscribers to the Embarq Standard or Basic Home plans can add unlimited nationwide calling for an additional fee of $15/month.

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