Qwest International Calling

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What International Calling Plans are Offered by Qwest?

Qwest International Calling

Qwest offers several packages for international callers, allowing you to select the one that best fits your needs.

Qwest Choice International Dialing enables calling to up to 200 countries at competitive rates for a flat fee of about $5 per month. If you're curious about what the rates are to call a particular country, check their website.

For customers with relatives or friends in Mexico, Qwest offers several options. These are unique plans, and would make sense for callers with other local carriers who make frequent calls to Mexico. Qwest Plan Latino gives you a set rate of 7 cents/minute to Mexico with low rates to other Latin American countries included at a monthly charge of $5.99. The 10 Cents to Mexico plan is similar, but the monthly rate drops to $2.

For more frequent Mexico callers, Qwest offers the Qwest Mexico 180 and Qwest Mexico 360 plans at $20 and $35/month, respectively.

Qwest also offers the 60 Minutes Canada Savings plan at an additional $3.50/month for Canadian callers.

All International plans require a nationwide long distance subscription as well.



5/1/2009 10:28:40 AM
Barbara McHenry said:

Good information but a link to "their website" would be extremely helpful. Or at the very least the name of the website. Instead I must fumble around & try to find the information I need to call Nigeria.


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