Who is MyPhoneCompany.com?

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Who is MyPhoneCompany.com?

Who is MyPhoneCompany.com?

MyPhoneCompany.com is a new VoIP service provider that provides ultra low rates for subscribers for three different types of service. A local only service is available for $19.99/month, unlimited local plus US and Canada for $24.99/month, and an unlimited local, US and Canada, and international plan for $34.99/month. All plans include E911 services, and a softphone function similar to that of Skype.

If you choose the local only service, your rate per minute for US and Canada calls is only 2 cents/minute, and international calls are as low as 2.5 cents/minute to the UK. These rates are among the most competitive to be found anywhere for international dialing.

Myphone Company is a VoIP service and does operate over the public Internet. Call quality may have occasional issues, but if you mostly use your phone to call friends and relatives, the lowered cost may be worth it.

The service works over an ATA or analog telephony adapter, which plugs into your existing phone and your broadband modem or router.

In order to take advantage of these low rates, you MUST have a broadband connection.

If you don't currently have a broadband connection, use the www.connectmyphone.com comparison engine to view prices for broadband Internet and compare the whole package, Internet plus phone, to that of standard carriers of land line phone service. Be sure to add in what you are now paying for dial-up service so you are comparing apples to apples. In many cases, the upgrade to broadband results in lowered costs as you can switch to a less expensive phone service.



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