Setting Up Comcast Phone Service

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How Do I Install Comcast Phone Service?

Setting Up Comcast Phone Service

Switching to Comcast phone service is as simple as making one phone call to set up installation. Professional installers will come and connect an adapter box to your cable modem and existing phone, you don't have to read any manuals or handle any complicated procedures.

Because you keep your existing phone, you don't have to buy anything. You also can easily keep your existing number, but be sure to tell your Comcast representative if this is your choice so that he or she can start the number porting process for you. This usually happens quickly, but does require Comcast to submit a request for port to your current phone company.

Once your service is set up, unlike Internet telephony services, ALL phone jacks in your home will be live and usable.

Multiple lines with separate phone numbers will require additional adapter boxes, and a router to be connected to your cable modem. Also, Comcast installation is free in many areas of the US.



12/30/2011 3:18:09 PM
JenB said:

They weren't able to port my number ... you have to be coming from their "approved" list ... I really wanted to keep my phone number of 20 years!


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