Comcast Phone Service Packages

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What Packages Does Comcast Offer for Phone Service?

Comcast Phone Service Packages

If you choose to select just Comcast phone service, you can pay one flat fee (it varies by location) for unlimited calling throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, and Saipan/N. Mariana Islands. Low international rates apply for other countries.

If you choose bundled or "Triple-Play" service, you not only get the convenience of one bill for everything, you also get greatly reduced rates for your Internet, phone, and television service as well.

Comcast is now running a special - all three services for $99/month plus a small rental fee for your EMTA or telephony adapter. This requires a one year service agreement, and pricing is guaranteed for one year.

You get unlimited, digital home phone service for $33/month on this plan, and can port your existing phone number over so there is no need to miss important calls when you make the switch.



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