What Does Cable Phone Service Promise for the Future?

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What Does Cable Phone Service Promise for the Future?

What Does Cable Phone Service Promise for the Future?

The dream and vision of most cable service providers is seamless integration of all communications services. What does this mean to you, the consumer?

In the not-too-distant future, cable customers will be able to see caller IDs displayed on their TV sets when calls come in. Voice mail indicators will come up in the corner of your TV set, and Internet connections to your TV will allow you to vote in real time for your favorite American Idol singer or sports team. Websites relating to your TV content will be accessible on the same screen, and clicking a link on this screen is all it will take to make a phone call while watching TV.

Called "convergence" by those in the technology fields, this integration of communications services promises to make many new applications available which aren't yet even a glimmer in the imaginations of the cable engineers now.

The dream is to have everything fully interactive, which is why cable companies have begun offering digital phone systems for their customers. If you want to be well positioned for the future, it makes sense to become a "Triple-play" cable customer now.



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