About AT&T Phone Service

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What Does AT&T Phone Service Offer?

About AT&T Phone Service

Because of the strength of the AT&T name throughout telecom history, AT&T has dramatically expanded to include the former BellSouth Telephone, SBC Telephone (Southwestern and Pacific Bell), and Cingular Wireless.

The end result for you, the customer, is that AT&T now offers the widest range of packages and options available from any one carrier. Your choices include VoIP (less expensive, lower call quality) or regular telephone service, wireless service, satellite TV (through a partnership with Dish Network), and DSL-based Internet service. You can also purchase a Phone Protect Plan which covers trouble with your handsets, or a WirePro plan which covers trouble with your existing home wiring.

Although it can be a bit confusing to sort through all the options and bundles offered by AT&T, there is less hassle than you might think. AT&T has an online member form where you can add or subtract features or change options.



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