Tips For Lowering Your Long Distance Phone Bill

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How Can You Lower Your Long Distance Phone Bill?

Tips For Lowering Your Long Distance Phone Bill

It is always prudent financial management to review your costs each month and see if there are ways to eliminate the fat. With long distance service, there are lots of cost-cutting ideas available.

First make sure you are getting the best deal. As new packages become available on a regular basis and rates change, it is a good idea to use a search around every two months. This way, if there is a better deal, you will find it.

Secondly, if you are on a measured rate plan, keep track of how long you talk each month. If your charges are adding up to more than the monthly charges for unlimited service, it may make sense to switch to an unlimited service.

You can always supplement your measured rate charges every month by using a PC-phone service like Skype, your free long distance offered by your cellular carrier, or a low rate calling card if less than your carrier's per minute charges.



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