Pacific Bell Phone Store and Cordless Phone Choices

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What Cordless Phones Are Offered By Pacific Bell?

Pacific Bell Phone Store and Cordless Phone Choices

Pacific Bell, now AT&T, has an online phone store with a wide variety of home phones and answering machines to choose from.

Cordless phones, the product of choice for modern families due to their portability and convenience, come in three main frequencies. 900Mhz is the oldest technology, but also the most prone to poor quality and range. These phones are rapidly growing obsolete and hard to find.

2.4 GHz came next, and is significantly better with respect to both range and call quality than the earlier models. Most phones in this category come with integrated speakerphones. The AT&T phone store offers several models in this range at competitive prices for their customers.

The best choice, and also the most expensive, is a 5.8GHz cordless phone. The 5.8Ghz frequency band is largely unused, and therefore is less cluttered than other frequencies. This gives you the best sound quality, enhanced range and better security. The phone store also offers several phones in this frequency range for customers who want the best possible voice quality.



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