International Calling with Verizon

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What International Calling Plans Do Verizon Offer?

International Calling with Verizon

The best deal that Verizon offers for international calling is its Web Calling service offered in conjunction with Windows Messenger. Web calling requires a headset or USB phone and is prepaid in $5 increments. This is an Internet service, so some choppy calls or echos can be experienced.

For occasional international callers, Verizon offers a flat rate plan that charges a per minute price that varies by country and has only an associated 95 cent per month fee.

The International Choice Plan with city rates is an excellent choice for callers who call a specific international city most often. For a fee, you get Verizon's best city rates to 250 countries and 55 international cities and good calling card rates from anywhere in the US.

If you make a lot of calls to one country, the International Choice Plan Unlimited Country may be your best bet. This service provides unlimited calling to one country of your choice and Verizon's lowest rates to all other countries serviced.



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