Verizon Local Home Phone Services

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What Local Home Phone Service Packages Do Verizon Offer?

Verizon Local Home Phone Services

If you are looking for local only service, Verizon has a wide selection of packages to choose from.

If you are rarely home or just don't make local calls, Verizon has a low-cost local measured service plan that ranges between $10 and approximately $14 per month. It has an included $3 allowance for calls. After this allowance is used up, each call is billed at 4 cents per minute for the first minute and 1 cent per minute thereafter.

A flat rate service is also available that allows unlimited local calling within your home exchange, and exchanges within 12 miles of your location.

The Verizon Local Package and Local Package Extra both offer unlimited local calling, with three and 10 features of your choice respectively. Both packages are in the low to mid-$30 range per month.

The Verizon Local Package Lite adds Voice Mail, plus four popular features to an unlimited local calling package and the Local Package Elite includes a choice of all available features for about $40.

All prices are based on California rates, check the Verizon website to verify rates for your area.



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