Verizon Home Phone Service Packages With Nationwide Long Distance

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What Nationwide Home Phone Service Packages Do Verizon Offer?

Verizon Home Phone Service Packages With Nationwide Long Distance

Most people associate Verizon with cellular services, but did you know they also offer residential phone service plans?

Verizon offers a choice of home phone plans - the lowest cost plan is the Verizon Freedom Value Plan which offers unlimited calling within the U.S. and Puerto Rico for a fixed monthly fee. This plan offers no additional features, and is designed for those who just don't use them.

The next level plan is the Verizon Freedom Essentials Plan and offers the same unlimited service with the addition of voice mail, caller ID, and call waiting for a fixed monthly fee, which is slightly higher.

The Verizon Freedom plan adds Canada to the calling area, and three-way calling, plus speed dialing to the features package.

The most extensive plan is the Verizon Freedom Extra plan, which expands the features list up to ten additional features. Feature choices include call intercept, a feature that doesn't allow your phone to ring unless a caller records their name first, and call blocking.

A regional-only plan with three calling features is also offered for a flat fee.

Be sure to check the Verizon rates for your specific location, as rates can vary from state to state.



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