What Are Some of the Advantages of VoIP Home Service?

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What Are Some of the Advantages of VoIP Home Service?

What Are Some of the Advantages of VoIP Home Service?

VoIP phone service has many advantages, which is why so many people are choosing to make the switch.

The most obvious advantage is the cost savings and ability to get unlimited services for one flat fee.

Other advantages include the ability to take your ATA (analog telephony adapter) with you when traveling or visiting and having calls ring in as if you were home. The only requirement is that your new location must also have a broadband Internet connection.

Call detail and bills can be viewed over the Internet with most VoIP service providers, which saves time and allows you to retrieve vital numbers and voicemails without dialing messy access codes.

One of the biggest benefits is that call features, usually billed as extras by traditional providers, are carried automatically in VoIP as information stored in the packet headers. These features cost less to the providers and are often provided at no extra charge to you.

Many VoIP services offer an 800 number at a very low extra charge, which rings to your main number. This means that far away friends and neighbors can call you with no toll charges.

VoIP also enables an entire host of new services that are just not available with traditional phones. Some services allow you to choose your area code, allowing you to appear as a local call in the area you dial most frequently. Others support features usually not found in home services, like call hunt which rings up to 10 numbers successfully until someone answers, ring lists which rings all the lines in your home sequentially or all at once until someone answers and click-2-call, which allows you to click any number from a PC-based contact list and dial. Your phone rings when the call is connected, and you can simply pick it up and talk.



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