How to Lower Your Phone Bill

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How Do You Lower Your Phone Bill?

How to Lower Your Phone Bill

The most common question asked by homeowners today is "How do I lower my phone bill?"

The best way to make sure you are always paying the lowest rate is to shop around for services at least every two months. The telecommunications industry is constantly in a state of flux, so search around regularly to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Next, read the fine print in your phone bill. Some services have ultra low rates, but charge you a "connection fee" for every call and that can add up.

If you pay a monthly fee for a particular amount of minutes of long distance time, keep a timer by your phone and a log so you will know when you have exceeded your alloted minutes. Once you exceed this allotment, many carriers charge high rates for additional minutes.

Another option that many are choosing is the use of a VoIP flat rate service for unlimited local and long distance. Be sure to check the call quality of these services, and make sure that you can live with them.

Other options include using Skype as a supplementary service or choosing a service, such as AT&T, that allows free calling to other subscribers in their network.



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