Call Screening - Stop Unwanted Calls

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How Do I Screen Unwanted Calls?

Call Screening - Stop Unwanted Calls

Call screening can be as simple as watching your caller ID and picking up only the calls you want. With newer technology, it can also be through the use of a sophisticated new feature offered by most service providers.

A feature available for residential subscribers offered by many phone companies, including AT&T, is call screen. Also called call block, it allows you to dial *60 after receiving an unwanted call to make sure that calls from this number are blocked in the future.

You can also press #12 (for AT&T services, other carriers may have a different method) and enter up to 10 numbers that you pre-select as blocked numbers.

If you receive harassing phone calls, this is one way to stop them. This is also a good way to stop telemarketers from reaching you.

Callers receive a polite, yet firm message telling them that you are not receiving calls from this number.

Some service providers have made this feature part of a comprehensive privacy package.



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