Anonymous Call Rejection for Greater Privacy

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What is Anonymous Call Rejection?

Anonymous Call Rejection for Greater Privacy

Today's consumers have simply had it with calls by telemarketers. No, we do not need any more magazines, travel club memberships or sweepstakes entries!

Anonymous call rejection helps avoid these types of calls by screening out anyone who calls you without a caller ID.

If you choose this feature, make sure that none of your friends have opted to have a number without caller ID, as their calls will also be screened out.

If you have a traditional landline phone, anonymous call rejection can be activated by dialing *77, and disabled by dialing *87. Many phone services include this feature free if you subscribe to caller ID and some allow you to purchase it separately if you don't subscribe to caller ID.

Anonymous call rejection is not available to some customers in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. It is also important to note that anonymous call rejection does not block out out-of-area or unknown numbers.



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