Voicemail Through Your Phone Provider or Answering Machine?

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Should I Sign Up For Voice Mail or Keep My Answering Machine?

Voicemail Through Your Phone Provider or Answering Machine?

Your old answering machine may be a relic, but you have lived with it for so long that it is hard to part with. Yet, your new phone service provider offers voicemail as part of your new service. Should you set it up or stay with your tried and true old friend?

Phone provider voicemails of today are highly sophisticated. You can dial in from anywhere and check messages and some services even offer email notification, or emails that actually contain the audio message itself.

This notification comes in handy if you are used to looking at a flashing red light and don't check messages unless you see it.

Most older answering machines use a tape to record calls and these can get old and quite unreliable. The newer ones are still easy to bump accidentally, erasing new messages that may have been important.

The only drawback to some phone provider voicemails is that there can be a lag between the time the call was left and your ability to retrieve it from their servers.

In most cases, the convenience and benefits of service provider voicemail outweigh the use of the plain old answering machine.



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