DPI Teleconnect Prepaid Home Phone Services

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What are the Advantages of DPI Teleconnect Prepaid Home Phone Services?

DPI Teleconnect Prepaid Home Phone Services

If you have bad credit or are just starting out, DPI Teleconnect offers residential phone service that is prepaid - with no credit checks, no deposits, no IDs, and no contracts required. You can keep the service for as long as you want, or cancel without any penalties.

There are three packages to choose from - starting with a basic plan that has no long distance, to a premiere plan that includes 500 minutes of long distance per month and an impressive list of features.

DPI also promises to allow users to customize their own package plans to suit their needs, and will quote a custom rate based on the features selected.

In addition to the long distance and local combined service, DPI offers long distance only services that will work with any local carrier.



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