How to Decide Between Home Phone Packages

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How Do You Decide Between Home Phone Packages?

How to Decide Between Home Phone Packages

Once you have found all the choices available to you for your local and long distance home phone services, it pays to step back and review your needs before making the final decision.

Pull out an old phone bill and review it in detail. How many long distance calls did you make? Did you use all of the features you paid for?

Now, think back to all the calls you made during the past week. Were there calls you made that could have used a feature you don't currently have?

Make a "must" and "want" list of all the phone features you have considered, and prioritize them. Now, go back to the engine and review the packages chosen against your list of features. Which one meets your needs the most cost effectively?

Now, you have done your homework and are ready to push the send button!



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