Evaluating Phone Companies to Select the Best Service

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How do I Evaluate Phone Companies to Select the Best Service?

Evaluating Phone Companies to Select the Best Service

There is an old adage that says that you get what you pay for. This is not necessarily true in the case of discount local phone service, but it pays to be informed. Before simply signing up for the lowest rates, check out what others are saying about the phone services you are considering.

Search consumer research websites for information regarding the quality of phone services. Each site provides information on how consumers feel the service performs, as well as how they felt customer service teams handled problems that arose.

Some cheap home home service companies perform very well in the eyes of their customers, and some do not. This is directly analogous to buying a bottle of wine - sometimes you can get a great bargain bottle for $5 and and pay a premium for a bottle that you wouldn't use to clean your bathroom!

In evaluating the service you choose, be sure to pay attention to these factors:

  • What services are included
  • What do other consumers say about their ability to resolve problems quickly?
  • What is the overall cost including hidden costs?
  • Do they offer "real" 911 services?
  • What do other users say about their call quality?
  • Do they have a history of raising rates once they have you signed up?
Be sure to look at ALL factors, and make a wise and informed choice.



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