How Does Comcast Phone Service Differ from Vonage?

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How Does Comcast Phone Service Differ from Vonage?

How Does Comcast Phone Service Differ from Vonage?

Comcast phone service and Vonage both use the Internet protocol to packetize voice, and transmit the voice packets as if they were data. The key difference is that Comcast phone service operates over a private, managed digital network and Vonage operates over the public Internet. The public Internet can get congested, and this translates to delays or dropped packets. A managed private network does not have these issues - imagine that your voice data is traveling on a private road instead of a crowded freeway. This means you get the convenience and added features associated with VoIP without sacrificing call quality.

Comcast phone service also offers these additional services not provided by most Internet phone companies:

  • Battery back up so your phone still works in the event of a power failure for several hours
  • Professional installation
  • All phone jacks in your home will be usable
  • Triple-play service; one bill for Internet, voice, and television
  • Full compatibility with most home alarm systems
Do you want the benefits of the added features and online call
management offered by VoIP without the loss of call quality? A digital
phone service such as Comcast offers the best of both worlds. Digital phone services such as Comcast use the latest technology without sacrificing the quality and service you expect from your home phone company.



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