Do Digital Cable Phone Services Offer 911 Calling?

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Do Digital Cable Phone Services Offer 911 Calling?

Do Digital Cable Phone Services Offer 911 Calling?

Be safe, be sure that the provider you choose provides 911 dialing in YOUR area. Read all disclosures carefully, and make sure the 911 emergency center your calls go to is the right one. Although the lack of 911 services plagued the early VoIP based offerings, today's digital cable telephone services ALL offer 911 dialing. Many also offer E-911 dialing, which is enhanced 911 used by the cellular services. This service helps save lives as your exact location is sent to the emergency personnel contacted along with your call. Your name is also automatically identified.

Most of the VoIP non-cable company offerings also provide 911 calling, but do have some areas in which it can't be offered. All companies are required by law to disclose their 911 coverage and offerings, be sure to review the disclosures provided by your chosen company carefully. You will be required to acknowledge your carrier's 911 notification, which will be mailed or electronically delivered to you.



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