AT&T CallVantage Program

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Is the CallVantage Program Right for Me?

AT&T CallVantage Program

AT&T combines the benefits of low cost VoIP service with its legendary attention to detail to provide one of the clearest call quality VoIP services available today.

CallVantage requires a broadband connection and does not work over dial-up. It provides two options - one, simply plug in your existing telephone into the ATA (analog telephony adapter) provided as part of your sign up kit, and plug the other end of the ATA into your DSL modem or router. The second is great for customers who travel, and works as a softphone over your computer. All you need to use this form of the service is a good headset with a microphone.

Features provided with this low cost service include:

  • Locate Me
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Safe Forward Number
  • Control by Phone
  • Fax Capability
  • Video Phone (with softphone version only)Do you make very little long distance calls, and need just a simple low cost local service? AT&T CallVantage has a local only phone service for a flat rate of $19.99/month that includes fax and voice mail services. Any long distance calls are charged at the low rate of 4 cents/minute.



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