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When it comes to Home Phone Service, we've been there, done that, now serving 130 tips in 14 categories ranging from AT&T to VoIP Home Phone Service.

What Other Services Can Be Ordered From a Site that Compares Phone Services?

In addition to local and long distance telephone service, sites that let you compare providers also allow you to choose from Internet providers (broadband and dialup), cable TV providers, electrical services and newspaper delivery.

Moving services are available, along with financial services, pest control, lawn care and satellite radio.


How Do You Order A Cell Phone Docking Station?

Cell phone docking stations are a great way to transform those unused night and weekend minutes into local home phone service, if you can put up with the lowered cellular call quality.

There are several site offering these docking stations at reduced prices, but you can expect to pay between $80 to $200 for a cellular docking station.


Can You Order Separate Long Distance and Local Service on Sites That Compare Services?

If you want to order separate long distance and local service on a site that lets you compare services, it's possible! For instance, ConnectMyPhone has a navigation bar on the left side of the search engine to scroll through local providers, then switch to long distance providers.

This allows you to put together the lowest cost, most feature-rich package for your needs. Be sure to add in all the costs and do the comparison with unlimited packages that will also be uncovered by the engine in order to make the most economical choice.


How Do I Order Skype as a Supplemental Service?

Do you want another phone service to go along with your current landline, but don't want to pay anything? Try a PC-service, like Skype. Visit the Skype website and click on the icon that says "download Skype." You will be prompted to choose a Skype ID, and can also select an icon or avatar to represent yourself. From the menu inside your Skype screen, you can enter a credit card number and add minutes to a Skype-out account.

You can also sign up for unlimited Skype for a flat annual rate.


Which VoIP Services Can I Order from Sites That Compare Providers?

Even sites that let you compare traditional phone service are riding the VoIP wave. They are now offering VoIP and digital services from a wide variety of providers.

Digital services can be ordered from Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Bright House, RCN, WOW! and Buckeye Cable Systems.

VoIP over the public Internet services can be ordered from Myphonecompany.com and OPEX.


What Payment Options are Available From Phone Providers?

Payment options are determined by the local telephone providers themselves, and can vary from provider to provider.

Usually, you will have the option of paying by credit card, electronic funds transfer or an e-check.

Check your Account Summary to see if the payment option you entered has been accepted or not.

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